Start Using The BTB Players Manual To Become A Better Lacrosse Coach!

Dear Lacrosse Coach,

Do you have players on your team who:

1) Love Lacrosse

2) Work hard at practice,

3) But sadly, just don’t SEEM to have the talent to move to the next level?

If you want to learn to coach THOSE PLAYERS to be great, here’s a game plan:

Follow the BTB Players Manual and your players will start improving immediately!

Four of the best players in Major League Lacrosse have followed the BTB Players Manual for years.  It’s no accident that they are the best in the game.  These guys have practiced with a PURPOSE for their entire “lacrosse” lives.

The way to coach players so that they improve quickly is to start following what these pros do.  You will see firsthand how Danny Glading, Michael Kimmel, Kyle Dixon, and Barney Ehrmann practice and train each day.

You can then take what you learn and start applying your new knowledge with your team.

Danny, Kyle, Mike, and Barney have had some of the best coaching since the first day they picked up a stick.  This (combined with hard, FOCUSED work) makes them all fantastic players.

Experienced coaches facilitate the development of players by using their knowledge to streamline the process.  They provide immediate and focused feedback which allows players to continually adapt and improve.

This is exactly how YOU need to coach…

Unfortunately, not all aspiring lacrosse coaches have the luxury of learning from experienced coaches and also following what top pros do.

The best coaches never stop learning and developing their coaching techniques.  You need to do the same.  The BTB Players Manual allows for this to happen.

Coach Rienzo and I explain every fundamental and drill so you can grasp the  concepts correctly.  From there we show you how to apply the fundamentals to start performing advanced moves.  Take what you learn, and go out and coach your team.

Even if you’ve grown up playing and coaching the game, you undoubtedly will pick up more tips.  It’s inevitable.

If you’re a completely new lacrosse coach, then this will be the best program you’ll ever come across.

Good luck and start today!

— Coach Jesse Miller

Co-founder of Be The Best Lacrosse

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